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Project “Between”
Idea and general direction: Claudia Alejandra Groesman


The project “Between” is a poetic action in which grown-ups and children play together with movement. It came from the necessity to develop an artistic sense out of my pedagogical praxis with children, from questioning the idea of childhood, of body and of the collective as supposedly strong points of my praxis, and of making extensive the experience in its immediate affective environment, thus integrating them into the space of the workshop. The evolution of such experience became an autonomous project of research.


“Between” is a space of potential mutual fecundation, from which it configures a momentary communion between the bodies and it prepares the fertile ground to exercise the transformative openness of the self and of the context. Each action is a dispositive for oblivion and discovery, in which grown-ups and children are singularized among themselves transcending the conventions that determine roles and conditioning the bonds to the pre-established patterns of culture. In this sense, it permits to turn as unnatural the assumptions which organize our daily life.

What body?

The concept of “between” supposes an inhabitable body, open and vulnerable that it doesn´t want to be limited to its contours, that it is made through the contact with others, always opening new connections. An expansive body that neither controls nor establishes hierarchies, that it continues and it is “produced” as a difference by the interaction with other bodies. A multiple and changing body, that moulds and lives a print in some adaptation and resistance game, of active reception and of uncalculated response.

What childhood?

Childhood is a state of innocence and openness to the new, outside of speculations which support social interaction. A potency for transgression, for curiosity and excess, that force us to forget our securities and our believes giving space to dreaminess, to desire and to futility as a potency which attempts against our productive habits.


The participants start playing from open instructions which propose other ways of getting closer, of knowing and of dancing together. The idea is that grown-ups and children experience the game with movement in a time and space of invention which pauses the known, their ways of moving, their various ways of making contact and their possibility of reinventing the social and affective bond, generating a space which enables the collective creativity by means of an active accompaniment, without interfering nor controlling what is going on.
The artistic sense of this experience consists of the exploration of an intensive gathering among people, which promotes other possible ways of being together.
The participants are chosen for their belonging to a determined social group. In this sense, the project proposes to value the ways of living as condensations of ways of being, of feeling and of thinking of each group, which are generally ignored by the cultural politics, which tend to homogenize the differences. The actions take place in spaces that belong in the subjective construction of each community. The game encounter has its own trajectory, which final form is the result of a process of interaction with the chosen social group.

The project “Between” has received grants from Prodanza Institute (Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires, Argentina) in the years 2010 and 2012.

The actions took place in the following spaces of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina:
-Social and sports Club Imperio Juniors. Participants: people from the Santa Rita neighborhood.
-SUTERH sports center. Participants: Building caretakers and their families.
-cheLA (hypermedia center of technological experimentation). Participants: people from Monteagudo neighborhood
-EcuNHi (Cultural space Nuestros Hijos. Ex ESMA. Coordination: Madres de Plaza de Mayo). Participants: relatives of disappeared people involved in Human Rights organisms and community in general.
-25 august Square. Participants: people from Villa Ortúzar neighborhood.
-Alberdi Square. Participants: people from Saavedra neighborhood.
-Arenales Square. Participants: People from Devoto neighborhood.
-Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. The call was made by the department of Education of the museum.

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