Academic education (2000-2016)

Graduate of Philosophy Career. Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UBA. Title: Professor of Secondary and Higher Education in Philosophy.

Student of Arts Career . Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UBA.

Seminars and journeys in artistic institutions
Artistic activism ( vinculations between art and politic).Coordination: Marcelo Expósito. Artistics Investigations Center (CIA)
Extending a hand: Liveness, Documentation, Labor and Duration. Professor: Dra Rebecca Schneider. First International Bienal of Peformance BP15. U.N.A.
Mistery-ministry Journeys. The estetic sphere before of the professionalism discurs. Arts Departament of Torcuato Di Tella University.
Literature and Art´s seminar. Encounters and desencounters around of Daros Latinamérica exhibition. Proa Fundation.
Encounter with Silvia Alderoqui + Remcaa. Journeys for art´s teachers and museum´s educators. Proa Fundation.
Seminar: ¿What´s the minning of (de)colonialism? Professor: Walter Mignolo. MALBA Museum.
Art=Childhood. Some critic revition of artistic pedagogy with children. First Journey of Investigation in artistic pedagogy. University Institut of Art (IUNA)
Improvisation´s dance: some interpretation in relation with contemporary artistic practices. Second Congress of Crossing Arts. Art´s Career of Buenos Aires University (UBA). First Encounter of Investigators in Dance and Performance. La Plata University.

Poetry´s education and production

Classes of poetry´s production and edition with the argentine poetry Arturo Carrera.
Texts: Study for a landscape. Editorial Tantalia (2007). Vapor (unpublished)

Exhibition of seven poems of Study for a landscape with Laura Ortego´s art photographies. Espacio Ecléctico of Buenos Aires Art Gallery( 2006)
Artistic education (scenic arts)
Contemporary Dance School Margarita Bali ( Nucleodanza)
Courses and seminars:
Graham technique with Cristina Barnils, Narrativ in coreography with Ana Itelman, Iris Scaccheri´s dance technique, scenic investigation with Mabel Dai Chi- Chuan, Body Work with Alito Alessi, Improvisation and Composition with Fabiana Capriotti, Contact Improvisation with Andrea Fernandez, Esferodinamy with Carola Yulita, Composition in real time with Joao Fiadeiro, yoga with Teresa Tudisco, Flying low with Ana Garat, Improvisation´s Laboratory with Thusnelda Mercy ( Pina Bausch Company) , Contemporary dance with Eugenia Estevez.

Buenos Aires Theatre School. Director: Raúl Serrano.
Drama and theater´s direction classes with Augusto Fernandes, Paco Giménez, Alberto Ure, Viviana Tellas and Federico León
Member of Teatro del Sur Theater´s Company. Director: Alberto Félix Alberto.
Intensiv seminar of dramaturgy with Mauricio Kartun.

Artistic production

Member of contemporary dance company Las Sacras.
Artworks : ”Fiu-fiu”, ”Fiu-fiu II”, “Personals efects”. Parakultural Center. Recoleta Cultural Center. Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center. Cemento Disco.Paladium Disco. Medio Mundo Varieté Cultural Center . Independent Theatre´s Festival of Buenos Aires. Santa María Theater.
“Sleepless”( about Magdalena Beccarini´s artwork). Sarmiento Theater.
“Black ball”. Inconcluse play of Federico García Lorca. Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.

Between Project: Poetic action in public places of Buenos Aires. This project has received grants of Prodanza Institute (Culture Ministry of Buenos Aires) in 2010 and 2012.
Experiencie in arts education

With children:
Integral expression workshops in kinder gardens and elementary schools.
Dance classes. Kalmar-Stokoe Studio. Movimiento Esquina Studio. Esteban Lisa Fundation.
Expansiv wave: encounters of movement and music. General coordination: Claudia Groesman and Graciela Garabetyan. Esteban Lisa Art Fundation.
Proof´s Camp: pedagogic investigation of movement game. El Patio Studio.
With teens and ground-ups:
Bacanales: experimentation workshop of theatre and visual arts. Codirected with Karina Peisajovich visual artist. Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.
Personals projects : Roberto Arlt Cultural Center ( Cultural Project in neigborhoods). Coordination of visit to museums and art galleries.
Seminar of coreographic investigation. General San Martin Cultural Center
Art teaching´s seminars: Gabriela Morales Studio (Rosario) Movimiento Esquina Studio. Kalmar-Stokoe Studio. Casa Corp. Hormiguero Cultural Space ( La Plata)

Experiencie in philosophical and artistic education

Think Dance: conceptual laboratory. For artists, art´s students, critics, investigators and cultural managers. Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.
Seminar: “The relationship between reason and passion since etic and estetic perspectives” Extention Departament of Art´s Critic Career, National Arts University (UNA)

Redaction, edition and correction´s texts

Put in Cultural and Turistic value Project of San Antonio de Areco ( with the support of COFECYT and Nacional Ministry of Cience, Tecnology and Innovation. Director: Paola Pavanello. 2013: opened of Estación Vagues Interpretation Center. 2014: opened of City Museum ( Old Power Plant)
Redaction of Experiencia NK text. Homage to Néstor Kirchner president. Kirchner Cultural Center.
Redaction´s texts of the exhibition 1955 bombardean la casa. Bicentenario Museum.
Think´s forms: twenty dance´s artist think about their artwork. (in course)

Colaborations with art and academic magazines :
ramona paper and ramona virtual visual art magazines, Vox Virtual of art and poetry, Telón de Fondo virtual magazine of scenic arts and Espacios magazine (Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UBA)